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April 19, 2006


Kelly Smith

The biggest reason to build out switched digital networks is to insure a quality of service that customers currently expect from existing TV services. The reason to do it NOW is because telcos historical core business is eroding faster than high quality video will get sorted via net distribution. You cannot deliver TV quality video over the internet today in any meaningful numbers. You can deliver a
"different" video experience but not TV. The QOS isn't there. And, with more and more people buying HD the problem is even more acute. It takes 24Mbs to get HD down an IP pipe with today's encoding methods. Candidly, its actually very, very hard to deliver TV over a switched IP infrastructure at all. That's why Microsoft still hasn't deployed IPTV in serious numbers. It's very hard on a lot of levels. Doing it over the net is even harder. The current net will not support the experience. Where would you put a server farm big enough to support a live HD broadcast (web-based) broadcast of the final American Idol episode? None exists! So, looking at grid-based and other peer or edge based solutions may be the answer for the next chapter of video evolution on the net. But today, TV and web video are distinctly different experiences.

By the way, have you ever tried to use the Windows Media player to decode a video that was encoded in HD? Sure you have. Now try it on an average American's PC :) The CPU in the typical American home isn't able to grok large bit rate WM files.

James Nearen

The IPTV business model is not proving itself for the very reasons mentioned by Kelly Smith above. QoS doesn't exist and cannot without substantial rebuilding (video optimization) of the network. This is not to say that IPTV will never prove out. It will. But, it is going to take more efficient compression technology combined with more efficient in-home distribution. Sprinkle on some DVR removed to the CO and home gateway to avoid in-home service and you may have the beginnings of a pretty tasty cake.


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Stephen Jones

Hello, anyone considering using SMS as a payments mechanism for IPTV?

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