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April 14, 2006



Agree with your analysis completely. As an addition some of the new Personal Video Players/Personal Movie Players will copy or record TV (for free) straight from your cable box or TiVo.

There might be commercials at the beginning middle or end, but who cares that much? Not to mention the new video players come with a fast forward button just like a TiVo.

The simplistic pricing model of a dollar a download worked to capture the masses that were leary of the RIAA and felt like going back to the $15 per CD price range, but as you so expertly assessed why pay $800 per month for something available for $50 or less.

Plus, an Ipod with music is good for doing other things, walking, exercising, driving, working etc.

How many of us are going jogging through the park, looking down at a video screen of the latest Apprentice?

The portable video player is very cool, but not going to work for Apple unless they come up with a new business model to fit the reality of Video.

thanks, Brett

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